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Jesse Hall

The University of Missouri's Strategic Planning and Resource Advisory Council (SPRAC) acts as the advisory body to the Chancellor and Provost in regard to formulating and implementing MU's strategic plans. The Council participates in:

Formulating and revising MU's overall strategic plan, which includes (a) assessing external trends and MU's internal strengths and challenges; and (b) taking into account these trends, strengths/challenges, and MU's mission, formulating broad goals for the University and specific objectives related to each goal;

Advising the Chancellor, Provost, and their staffs and monitoring their plans and activities directed toward implementing the MU strategic plan, including (a) consideration of modifications, additions, and deletions to the strategic planning document; and (b) setting priorities for action and determining expected outcomes reflecting progress toward achievement of goals and objectives; and

Providing reaction and advice on matters relating to budget policy, including recommending strategies through which we can (a) use planning priorities to establish budget priorities and (b) achieve greater efficiencies without sacrificing quality.